RIP, Charlie Trotter

“I did a mathematical calculation,” [Trotter] said. “If I live to the average life expectancy of the American male — 78.9 — and I consume one bottle of wine every day, I should consume the last bottle on my last day on this planet.”

Sadly, that calculation, made in early 2012, was off by too many years.

I had the pleasure of dining at Charlie Trotter’s late in 1996. One of my dearest friends and frequent dining partners arranged our reservation as my farewell dinner, days before I moved from Chicago to San Francisco. In some respects the entire evening was dizzying: the food, the wine, the service, the ambience, and the bittersweet feelings…it was a dinner I’ll never forget for many reasons. And now one more.

Charlie Trotter, famed Chicago chef, found dead in home (Chicago Tribune)