…and speaking of Civil Eats…

Civil Eats has been one of my go-to sources of information about food since Naomi Starkman and Paula Crossfield started it. With so much spin and so many important details left conveniently unstated in food reporting (and “reporting”), Civil Eats has been a consistently trustworthy source. How many of those do we have nowadays?

As they describe it, Civil Eats has been a “labor of love” for its editorial crew and contributors (an all-star team if ever there was one), and they want to change that. I was happy to contribute to their Kickstarter campaign and although snailwrangler.net is in its infancy, if you’re reading this I hope you’ll join me and contribute something, too.

If you’re a regular reader of Civil Eats, this should be an easy give. If you’re not a regular reader, then I urge you to spend even an hour reading through their posts and thinking about whether that experience alone is worth the price of a quality magazine. Then donate that.